Just for entertainment

26. srpna 2014 v 14:00 |  >Songs<
I didn't know what a pillow fight could start
I wouldn't do it if I was smart
you slept next to me
and now I can't get you out of my head
we met only once
but I can't stop thinking about you since
but I don't wanna be that girl
just for entertainment
don't wanna be kissed
for fun
but you are here
not really near
...far away...
and you drive me crazy
you are rude, you are nasty
you are cold, you are messy
but I still like you
I still want you
...what is wrong with me...?
you play with me like I'm a toy
that's not how I planed it boy
...I actually didn't plan it...
you text me, you make me smile
you are funny, I am shy
wanna meet me but suddenly not
I want you but I am scared
to be just some girl
and I wonder
yeah, I wonder
if you really - like REALLY - like me...?

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